Start Me Up

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SkipperPaul Parsonage
Home PortWhangarei
Length Overall9.3m
Boat DetailsRoss 930
Race Number

My name is Paul Parsonage and I’m 48 years old and have been in and out of the marine industry all my life and have loved it. Sailing has always been a huge passion for me and is something I am continuously enjoying upskilling all the time - having not been born with a natural born sailing ability!  The solo Tasman is a dream since I was nineteen when I wrote away for a set of rules. Since then I have built one boat expressly for the race however a lovely daughter appeared on the scene along with a mortgage so plans were put on hold for a while.  My wife and friend Lisa is fully supportive of this goal and we know it’s either now or after our kids finish secondary school so it’s all go now because it’s been a long time coming as it is.


After attempting my 500 mile qualifier on my original Solo entry I was so slow that my wife insisted we buy a new boat and at least have a chance of finishing within a day or so of another Ross yacht entered belonging to a geriatric friend of ours.  Thus we now have Start Me Up, a non turboed Ross 930.  We have entered her in the Whangarei Winter Series and SSANZ series while we desperately and quickly get to know our new lovely and raucous lady.  I look forward to this Solo Challenge and the possibility of a fair few boats in the 30 foot range excites me.





Paul Parsonage